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How did The Grace Junkie Come About?

When I stopped running to drugs, alcohol, and men and turned to receive God's Grace and he showed my that my addiction to those things would never have to define me again and from that day forward I would be a junkie for his love and grace to define me! My love for him grows stronger every day as learn more and more about him and it is my greatest passion to help women who find themselves wondering why me to do the same. It took me 34 years to finally stop running from God who so loved me and to seek his help in the way I lived my life instead of taking matters into my own hands. And lets face it we all know that when we try to do things our self it mostly ends up messy, chaotic and some times even more broken then when we started. So instead of Junkies of all other things I became a GRACE JUNKIE. This means God steps in every single day and he wraps me in his armor and he keeps my heart clear of ever needing to rely on those other addictions ever again. 

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